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Forgiveness is a decision. We decide to cut off the bitter root and plant a seed of love. We cannot blame ourselves if it does not grow; sometimes the other party has poisoned the soil too much. But we must keep the bitter roots cut and plant more and more seeds of love. Forgiveness begins when we make that choice; long before we see the results.

Forgiveness. It can be hard to do when it seems as someone is constantly pushing your buttons... But it's more for your well being than theirs.

Confession = Forgiveness. Focus on the gift of grace received. Don't let anyone make it all about guilt trips and don't let anyone convince you to throw this very important gift-- the gift of being reconciled to God-- away. It is okay to struggle with going to Confession, but know that God is merciful and patient. Confession is where you get to know him and know yourself as he does. Now, is that great, or what?

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I forgive you. I love you, but your lies, manipulation, and denials define who you are and will always keep a wall between us. All the best in your life. ♥

The point of forgiving is not to make someone else feel better, it's to make your heart whole again.

Forgiveness...No Selecting, No Choosing, Only Reaching and Stretching.

Experienced this over the weekend. Sometimes it's just not worth being angry or acting like you don't like someone because an unfortunate situation.