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BICOLOR PARROTFISH (Cetoscarus bicolor) ©User:Rling/Richard Ling Other Photos you may enjoy: Opalscent Sriped Discus Electric Blue Fish Parrotfish teeth - creating sand out of coral… rhamphotheca: “.

Parrot fish - ©J and J Travels - jandjtravels.word

Parrot fish - ©J and J Travels - jandjtravels.word

You look so happy there little guy. Coral can’t live without parrotfish! These GORGEOUS fish help keep Caribbean coral reefs growing by grazing on algae that can smother them.

pink fish; what a joyful image, no?

because other varieties of amazing creatures without a pastel pink smiling fish would just be lazy

Abundance of these handsome guys in our lagoon! #ParrotFish #Snorkelling here http://www.macaronisresort.com

I love this parrot fish photo because you can surely see the magnificent silhouette of the fish, accompanied by the colors becoming brighter and more focused closer to the camera

jellybean parrot fish

You can purchase them if you want, but due to all of the stress and trauma they went through their lifespan was shortened to only half of that of a regular parrot fish.

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