King Protea | Eleanor Turvey

Protea via @Design*Sponge #protea #flowers #designsponge

kind protea - maybe one for my bouquet and a couple for some of the centerpieces - not many of these since they're so big

White protea//

Picture prefect

Protea Flower

protea flower

Bloom Day Scans Flower Art by Craig Cramer.

Flower Power by MODALIST. Blooms | a scoop of flowers | Line Kay photography // Un cornet de fleurs façon glace italienne par Line Kay photography.

Sitruspuu - Suvi sur le vif |



It does not get prettier than this. #pink #flower

Wild Flowers Bit more going on than meets the eye I think. Excellent shot.


Freesia Photo, Fine Art Print ""Freesia No. 1""