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Dinner party set up on a wooden table with with yellow place-mats and flowers in a glass vase

Festive Christmas decor details on top of a wooden table with white candles and crystal glasses

Dinner party set up with a light purple tablecloth, colorful glass cups, decorative candlesticks and decorations, and brass cutlery

Outdoor wood, wood chairs, printed table runner, and printed dishes perfect for entertaining

Host of a part setting out a wooden tray of finger foods and snacks

Gorgeous tablescape with brass details

Eyeswoon's soft palette dinner party

Blue wood table, mini pancakes with blueberries and blackberries, croissants, and strawberry filled pastries

White tablecloth, and flower centerpieces in mason jars

Printed table runner and wood table

This is what beach party dreams are made of

People eating around the table at beach party

Flag flying on a wooden staff

People sitting around the bonfire

Olive oil, pizza, salt& pepper in wooden containers

Gold plates with blue stripe towels as the table setting

Flag flying on staff, bonfire, rustic lamp shade

Table with view of the ocean at a beach party