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Beauty from the Inside Out | #OrganicSpaMag #OSMSKinCare

from Lauren Conrad

Fit Tip: How to Detox from the Inside Out

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#Dieta e #Reeducação Alimentar, entenda a diferença!

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De-bloat Juice Recipe - fat sick and nearly dead juice ingredients

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cucumber and watermelon de-bloat recipe, lea michele de-bloat drink recipe

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Juicing recipe

Large Beets
Long Carrots
Carrots 2
Inches Ginger
Stalks Celery
6 Stalks
Celery 2
Minus Celery
Celery Ginger

Juicing Recipe

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Juice recipe

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Juicing Recipe - "Energy Drink"

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Base Broccoli

Juicing Vegetables & Fruit I call this my "Super Butterfly Juice" Broccoli Spinach Asparagus Cucumber Ginger Beet Celery Jalapeño Carrots

from Oh My Veggies

Sloppy Lentils

Sloppy Lentils
Bbq Lentils
Lentils Vegan
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Vegan Baked Beans
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Large Shredded
Shredded Carrot

BBQ Sloppy Lentils (vegan). I added fresh garlic (3 cloves) and substituted onion powder for mustard powder. I also added 1 large shredded carrot and chopped celery (small). I think because of the added veggies, it needed more water. Very good!