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With the list of toxic ingredients found in personal products growing, we decided to put the power of information in your hands by making sure our products meet these criteria: Our products must score a 4 or lower on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Hazard Rating System. You can even look up the products you are currently using in the Cosmetic Database maintained by EWG, to see how they stack up! (EWG)

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How I Stopped Morning Sickness by Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

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How I Stopped Morning Sickness by Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

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There are quite a few natural remedies scientifically proven to reduce and slow down the appearance of varicose veins – you’ll have to be consistent and show some patience (like for any natural remedy), and if you do, results won’t fail to appear.

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DIY Turmeric homemade moisturizer - If you suffer from acne, it contains curcumin, which works to fight the bacteria that plays a critical role in its formation. As an antioxidant, it helps fight off free radicals, which add signs to skin aging .

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