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    Great Creator thank you for this day. I ask that you send your spirit of peace and love to everyone who reads this message. Let them sleep better than they have in a long time because they feel your spirit inside and around them. Let them wake with a renewed sense of life, compassion, and love. Thank you and so it is. Your daughter, Cherokee Billie. Good night Everyone! ♥

    May you have a peaceful sleep ~ while special angels are always nearby watching over you, pouring out blessings, and keeping you safe ~ Goodnight and Sweet Dreams ~ Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

    Good Morning! This day belongs to you! Make it everything you want it to be! Today allow yourself to experience the world as truly magical. I am wishing you the most wonderful, beautiful, awesome, blessed day! Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

    Full moon

    Good Night


    Good night my friends and may tomorrow bring you happiness and health. Wishing you heavenly dreams. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor


    I want to hold your hand on a cold night, and wake up to your face on a Saturday morning. I want to travel the vast expanse of your mind and scare the evil spirits and bad thoughts away. I want to wrap my arms tight around you and never let go. I want you, in your entirety, and I want to love you endlessly.

    Buenas noches desea con Pooh

    Evanescent: August Moon by Stewart Edmondson

    Angelic Angels ♥

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    Lost in the Beauty of her God- the beautiful art of Sr. Marie Pierre Semler. Happy birthday Mary, Queen of Heaven.

    Goodnight & Sleep Tight

    Time for bed..had a blast today in Waco with the Belchers...always do..tomorrrow is cook out day here and then gonna get a game of baseball going!!! Love my family and friends!!!! Truely blessed!!! Hope you get to see yours soon, or before they grow up!!!! hehehehe

    Moon Fairy

    angel cat moon


    “Silence” from Angels series Painting by Dorina Costras