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Great Creator thank you for this day. I ask that you send your spirit of peace and love to everyone who reads this message. Let them sleep better than they have in a long time because they feel your spirit inside and around them. Let them wake with a renewed sense of life, compassion, and love. Thank you and so it is. Your daughter, Cherokee Billie. Good night Everyone! <3

Say this before you sleep tonight.... Please clear away the effects of trauma/sadness/sickness from my thoughts, cellular memory, my heart, mind and body. Do it again tomorrow night and every night until you feel "light"- the weight will be lifted- your cells cleansed- you will feel it.

Archangel Metatron, Call upon me and I will light your way through the darkness! You are more than you know, more powerful than you could imagine and I will help you grow in Love, strength and courage to overcome the obstacles that beset you on your Lifes Journey.

Good night my friends and may tomorrow bring you happiness and health. Wishing you heavenly dreams. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Sometimes, Life hurts. Sometimes, just being here hurts. Angels are Beings of 100% Light. Angels come when they are called. Understand that even if you can't feel them there, they have come and are supporting you. Learn how to align with the angels. Count on their support. They hold the light for you when you can't. Light comforts, it heals, it loves.

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17 March 2014 Good Night 晚安!

Good night and sweet dreams! Love you and hope your ok! Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow. Miss you 459

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On Synchronicity and Numbers

Another pinner: I believe when we see sets of numbers (like 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.) it is a sign from our spirit guides or angels letting us know they are here, watching over us. It is recommended to take note of what you are thinking about at the time you see a particular set of numbers, especially if you notice them repeatedly.

The very presence of an angel is a communication. Even when an angel crosses our path in silence, God has said to us, 'I am here. I am present in your life'.” Tobias Palmer

Uriel is one of the most powerful Archangels and is associated with the unimaginable light of God which gives you illumination. He brings divine light into your life as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to your past.