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Mikaara Kirkwood for Te Rongo Kirkwood Bethells Dunes, NZ

Maori, Ta Moko and Kirituhi Tattoos | Otautahi Tattoo

Te Rongo Kirkwood NZ Maori glass artist



Young Maori Woman (New Zealander), c. 1872-86, tattoo on her chin is an example of Ta Moko, markings of aristocracy, adulthood and achievement created by chiseling the skin open and applying charcoal to the gouges. Men much more often than women have their faces fully tattooed, but it is not unheard of for a woman to have her face completely tattooed. Moko can also be applied to the hips, buttocks, shoulders, thighs and calves. Moko is a living tradition carried on by Maori today.

George Nuku,Maori master carver, sculptor artist and bearer of Ta Moko (traditional Maori tattoo).

Face, Moko, Maori, Aotearoa, NZ, New Zealand, Ngapuhi Maori elder Kingi Taurua sports traditional facial tattoos, known as moko, at a marae in Whangarei

Maori art. I love when tattoos follow the shape and contour of the body. I feel like that's something of a lost art in modern tattooing, but present in most ancient body art.

wow...looks fantastic on her

Face, male, Moko (revisited), Maori, Aotearoa, NZ, New Zealand

MAORI: Tā moko - traditional Maori tattoos. Seen here on two Maori girls' chins.

Ta moko was kept alive by older women who lived in remote areas beyond the pale of European condemnation. In the 70s, young urbanized Maori in search of powerful symbols of ethnic identity rediscovered the art, and moko found a new generation of skin.

Maori woman face tattoo called "moko" - Maori are indigenous people of New Zealand

Maori woman

Maori moko

Maori ta moko tattoo

Ta moko


Maori Moko painting Aotearoa

* Maori Moko, or Ta Moko is the tradtional facial tattooing of the Maori people of New Zealand ~ Its memebers still practice the act of Moko with modern machines, but traditionally they where acutally carved into the face by Tohunga-Ta-Moko using a Uhi which is basically a chisel and then had soot from the burnt embers of a tree for the black coloring for the face *