transformation of a Berlin WWII Bunker!

Christian Boros bunker - Berlin. Love this!

War Bunker

Air raid Bunker in Berlin // Realarchitektur |

designer: rose uniacke

A World War II bunker turned into a penthouse apartment. Photography: Tim Brotherton & Katie Lock, via The City Sage

fireplace, open windows, large glazing, glazed walls, pale wood floor, Mies Van de Rohe style furniture. Hans Wegner lounge chair, monochrome artwork, bare, minimal, contemporary, interior, home, living room

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1894 Moorish Provence home of owner-designer Frederic Mechiche

bright yellow mantle with chalkboard fireplace

Schein loft by Archi-Tectonics - Soho NY

Attic apartment


Projekt | Project: Sammlung Boros – Bunker Ort | Location: Berlin, Germany Bauherr | Client: Christian Boros und Karen Lohmann, Wuppertal Architekten | Architects: Realarchitektur, Berlin Mitarbeiter | Staff: Jens Casper, Petra Petersson, Andrew Strickland, Wolfgang List, Bernadette Krejs, Karin Maria Derix Statik | Statics: Ingenieurbüro Herbert Fink © Fotos | Photos: Hanns Joosten URL:

Israeli designer Hagit Pincovici is a third generation artisan and continues the legacy of solid craftsmanship but adds her own modern aesthetic to her work. She designed the A line chest of drawers for the Italian design label Colè.

Photo gallery dream hallway!

grey (bunker living)


Built by BAAS in Barcelona, Spain with date 2004. Images by Eugeni Pons. The space is on the ground floor of an apartment block where one of the last coal bunkers in Barcelona was located. ...

Bunker House / Estudio Botteri-Connell Casa Búnker / Estudio Botteri-Connell – ArchDaily

realarchitektur_converted air raid bunker