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Fertility happy thoughts. Go sperm go!

Fertility Problems: When you are willing to spend every penny you have for morning sickness and sleepless nights.

...and I'm lucky it did, or else I wouldn't have been able to afford to even try fertility treatments. But look at all the states that don't offer mandatory coverage. It's sad that insurance companies often view fertility treatments as akin to "cosmetic procedures" - not as necessary medical procedures. Infertility is classed as a disease and should be treated as such.

from Etsy

Fertility Art Print, We're In This Together, Inspiring art, Abstract couple, Relationship art, uplifting art, fertility support, infertility

Fertility Art Print - We're In This Together - Inspiring and Positive

As directionally challenged as i am, apparently :) :)

I cry after every pregnancy and birth announcement. This is what infertility does to you.