In IBM’s lithium-air battery, oxygen is reacted with lithium to create lithium peroxide and electrical energy. When the battery is recharged, the process is reversed and oxygen is released — in the words of IBM, this is an “air-breathing” battery. While conventional batteries are completely self-contained, the oxygen used in an lithium-air battery obviously comes from the atmosphere, so the battery itself can be much lighter.

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Future gas station- using solar energy to recharge electric cars

Google has a lot of hidden tricks which allow you to use it a lot more effectively than you think. These tricks aren't obvious because Google doesn't want to confuse basic users with an overload of info on how to use their search engine. But if you're the type who wants to learn some cool…

Google and Stanford create a digital brain that, like an infant, learns to identify a human face from scratch

Tires that leave behind poetic verse.

With Google Now, Android Puts Apple's Siri To Shame Read more:

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Wireless electricity (WiTricity)

8 Ways your Car Can Already Drive Itself #infographic #Cars #Technology

Holograms just became a little more real. Researchers in Japan are using femtosecond lasers to touch and interact with holograms.

Stained glass

Google+ vs. Facebook: social network Guide to Brand Pages

Google just awarded $1M to fund development of the 'schweeb' human powered monorail system.

Retro Travel Mug. Plugs into your car's cigarette lighter port to stay hot.

Google's glucose monitoring contact lenses.