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  • - ̗̀ Lydia Bofydia ̖́-

    OOOooooh I always hope my prince charming will come along...this would be awesome!...even for an engagement photo! @rachaeltoney

  • Lauren N.

    One day, I will wear a princess-y dress, @Chris Cote Cote Meier will wear chain mail, and he will save me from a dragon. He will get on his white horse, lift me up with him, and we'll ride into the sunset, living happily ever after. There is nothing more romantic than this.


    Discover why the love in shining armour could not exist on #love #relationship #knights #history

  • Mary Kern

    Pure romance!

  • Deborah Didini

    A Knight and the Bride Princess

  • Kelsey Bodiford

    Knight in shining armor

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Never knew I could feel like this Like I've never seen the sky before Want to vanish inside your kiss Everyday I love you more and more Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings Telling me to give you everything Seasons may change winter to spring But I love you until the end of time ♥

I wonder if Mr. Incredible would wear a red plaid shirt. Maybe he would wear a green plaid.

Love this- you only wear your wedding dress once so you might as well do something awesome in it

Cowboy boots with wedding dress, exactly what im wearing. I think I'm gonna ride my horse during the wedding reception

perfect to wear the morning of the wedding or once you're back home from the honeymoon

this looks like my grandmother's engagement ring that my mom wears.. it sucks being the younger of 2 sisters. i know erin will get it. she already wears my other grandma's wedding band.

Even though I already have my dress, this is still super cute and something I would totally wear!