Classroom Freebies: Monster Themed Behavior Coupons Freebie

Free reward ideas!! Good for student of the month awards.

Tattle monster...make monster with an old tissue box...cute idea!

Positive Behavior Punch Cards (TPT)

FREE Positive Behavior Superhero Coupons to motivate your little superheroes!

Classroom Incentive Coupons. Some cute ideas. I like, "stinky #Classroom Decor Ideas|

Whole Class Incentives (some of these are pretty good)

Cute idea to post outside the classroom door whenever we leave. Can have line leader be responsible for this or have it as a second job.

Stories By Storie: Classroom Rewards & Freebie

White board wall for first fe weeks to teach procedures :). Morning, transition, end of day... Etc....

Classroom Coupons. These could be very useful to students because we learned in our Behavioral Management class that many students act out because they are seeking attention. This is a way to give positive attention to students (not necessarily only disruptive students). Can give students a sense of purpose and and extra confidence in the classroom. Great rewards for good behavior. ~Amanda Gray

PBS - POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT...This is an excellent resource to reference when brainstorming ideas on what to attempt as an intervention for behavior you may see in the classroom.

LOVE THIS - Newsletter Template - a weekly or monthly newsletter cool idea gives the parents an idea of what there kids do in school

Cute way to encourage students to take their time and do their best

School Is Tough. Teach Your Kids to Relax and Be A Friend. A blog post and free poster sets for your class.

Homework incentive: Do your homework the whole week to get a scratch card! To make: Mix silver paint with dishwashing liquid!

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: High five notes for positive reinforcement

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure: Classroom Management - Freebies! Wheel of Choice, Individual Modified Behavior Plan, and Cool Down Spot Poster

When a kid is doing what he/she is supposed to be doing and I catch him/her, that student then gets to sign his/her name in a box. At the end of the day, I roll a dice for the letter and the number. The student gets a reward....Behavior Management

Classroom scavenger hunt for the first day of school

A Bucket Filling Classroom by Crafting Connections! If you didn't start out your year (all grade levels) discussing Bucket Filling, go back... it's not too late!