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  • Rebecca Johnson

    Tupperware tumblers from the 80's! I bet each of us kids still remember what color we were permanently assigned!

  • Jana Hileman

    Tupperware tumblers from the 80's! I loved tupperware cups!

  • Lia Corman

    Vintage Tupperware Tumblers- nothing like your cordial in these lol as a kid

  • Courtney Hanna

    Tupperware tumblers from the 80's. childhood memories..

  • j o s e p h • d a n i e l

    Seeing these bad boys every time you opened your kitchen cabinet: Life of a 90s kid! Omg I remember these!

  • Debby Mayabb

    Tupperware tumblers from the late 70s, 80s! Known as the "kids" cups

  • Katie Zapcic

    Seeing these bad boys every time you opened your kitchen cabinet: Life of a 90s kid-- my parents still have the green and yellow cups, my kids drink out of them now :o)

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flashback! I always came home with a few of these

S in atomic Tupperware form - on our kitchen table all my growing up years! You could put toothpicks in the center!


Garbage Pail Kids! I had the first series. my parents hated them, now i know why.

  • Valerie

    Girl... I STILL have a whole box of these up in the attic!

  • Satin Waller

    Oh my goodness...we should so go through them to see just how gross they are!

  • Valerie

    They are pretty gross! I can't believe our parents let us collect them!

O.............M................G. I remember get my finger sorta pinched when I pulled the 2 sides apart.

  • Diane Valenta

    On sale this week only $19 and it comes in classic colors for the boys and purple/pink for the girls! Great Easter gifts from the Easter bunny!

Ridiculous headbands that matched NOTHING... But we wore them anyway

Return to the 70s. This is what we had. Our kids have tiny iPods instead. Never could have imagined that!

80's..... ha ha now what girl in the 80's didnt own these awesome shoes? lol

  • ♥SuperMom♥

    Omg! That picture just brought back a memory I wanna forget. I hated those shoes!

If you ever owned a pair of jeans that looked like this, you might be a product of the 80's. (btw, this pair is made by Zena. Loved my Zena.

Oh Tart n Tinys where have you gone? I may never get a chance to beat my tiny candy stacking record again... Sigh.

  • Kristie Veit

    Oh my goodness! Had totally forgotten! Wow, what a great memory. Counting and color coding them cuz we were board. Lol

  • April Grenot

    Oh nostalgia--one of these actually fused to one of my baby teeth and the dentist couldn't scrape it off--I had to wait until the tooth fell out. Not even kidding, those things were toxic!

  • Heather Robinson

    but soooo good

  • Annette Findon

    Now they look familiar!

  • Tricia Gonzales

    Loved these!

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OMG I had these when I was a kid!!! heck my mom still might even have some of them.

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