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Vintage Beany-Copter from Beany & Cecil Show

Traditional Board Games Vintage 1960's Tickle Bee 215 Plastic Game by Shaper | eBay

Traditional Board Games Vintage Tickle Bee 215 Plastic Game by Shaper

Wax whistle for Halloween

The Wowee Whistle. These came out around Halloween each year. They were made of wax, similar to the wax candy lips. You blew on the whistle until you got tired then you chewed up the wax. Quite tasty.

Vintage carseat

Vintage child car seat (no belt of any kind & it just hooked over the seat back - barely - held in place by baby's weight)

Jumping beans. :-)

Jumping Beans - remember discovering why they jumped?

I remember when dentist chairs looked like this!

My childhood nightmare - the dentist. Equipment looks so primitive now--like a torture chamber.it WAS a torture chamber!

OMG!!   I just loved this stuff! Someone told me it was just like Wallpaper Cleaner! LOL Wham-O's 1966 Super Stuff

pink super stuff from wham-o

Do you remember drinking Fizzies?

~Fizzies~ loved the root beer

I'd like to teach the world to sing...

I'd like to buy the world a home And furnish it with love Grow apple trees and honey bees And snow white turtle doves. Chorus: I'd like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony I'd like to buy the world a Coke And keep it company It's the real thing"

Pet turtles, we all had them. Guess we didn't know about salmonella back then.

Pet turtles from the dime store. Mine was named "Myrtle the Turtle". Now these small turtles are not permitted in the US.


Captain Kangaroo's original Bunny Rabbit and his maaavahelous cat-eye glasses

I loved this thing so much!  Mom got me one for back to school..I felt so special!

Remember this? It's a TV pencil sharpener!

Stick horse

Vintage horse on a stick. Every kid rode a stick horse .

Remember this? Are you still using this to dry your hair? Then why are you still using skin care that has not updated. We have no parabens or sulfates. All natural, sea plant based. Make sure you look at the ingredients in your skin care then check out ours. Vie is not afraid for you to look at the product ingredients. We posted it on our website. www.fleurdevie.co

I remember these. Just the best thing Ever! A PORTABLE hair dryer?My aunt and mother both had one. Your head looked like a giant marshmallow!

Fisher Price Wind Up Radios - 1960's. by rene

Fisher Price Wind Up Radios - 1960's. by rene

1960’s Original Mouse Trap Game

Played many, many times!