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Joe Manganiello

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Joe Manganiello with short hair -- hawt! I think he looks SOOOOO much better with the short hair, but I know wolves need long, shaggy hair haha

Joe Manganiello (Lisette Lipscomb, why do you show me such things when I'm at work trying to concentrate?!)

Joe Manganiello Ohhh, calm, calm take a deep breath.....he takes my breath away

Joe Manganiello has the hottest hair (and body) in Hollywood

Joe Manganiello Muscle | Straight Jock Feet: More Joe Manganiello...

Not usually a fan of muscle-bound dudes. But I have to admit, this is seriously hot. || Joe Manganiello by Patrick Giardino

#TheIrishman #TobiasCallahan #BestFriends_TolerantEnemies "Ye ugly bastard,” Aidan said softly, jerking his chin toward the man. With utter conviction in his dark eyes - a deep warm brown, it looked like from her vantage point - the man stood stock still, replied, "Bloody stupid mick."