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  • Author - Robert Dennis Wilson

    Death Star Cookie Jar....... Yep, Doc says those chocolate chip cookies are deadly: if I keep eating them, I'll be Alderan my waistline in the wrong direction!

  • Veronica Antonio Paulaitis Photography

    The Dark Side Has Cookies Truth! Finally Proven with this death star cookie jar :) #starwars #geekhumor

  • Limewit Tech

    Death Star cookie jar! From the Star Wars universe to your kitchen. I wonder if George Lucas approves...

  • Rebecca Cain

    The Darkside has cookies. #deathstar #cookie #jar #starwars

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@Amy Steenwyk! I'm sorry...I know you are getting sick of me pinning Star Wars stuff for you to look at. But Bennett needs this!!!

I find this awesome, but know that people will constantly be trying to destroy it...=(

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