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{pillow eyes}

{pillow eyes} every home looks better with a cat

Awwww He brings his teddy bear into the sink with him.    This is overwhelmingly adorable.*

Sorry, the teddy bear and the sink are mine! This just like my cat he loves the sink!

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like the idea of mixing different pillows!!

{pillow eyes} every home looks better with a cat

Pop: The blue shadow really made Kim's brown eyes stand out ...

Kim Kardashian shares dramatic collage of her make-up routine

Reddit user YungDemon came home during a storm to find his cat being comforted by his roommate’s dog.

This Dog Comforting His Cat During A Storm Is The Good You Need Today

This cat’s owner came home to find his feline friend hiding in the paws of his roommate’s dog during a loud thunderstorm.

10 Reasons Rainy Days Are The Best

10 Reasons Rainy Days Are The Best

♥♥one rain drop. Two rain drop. THREE rain drops ah ah ah!