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    Everybody's probably seen this Princess Bride lightsaber battle that went viral a few years ago, but, as ToplessRobot points out, you probably haven't seen the other, better Princess Bride lightsab...
    December 3, 2010
    • Samantha Blankenship

      Nothing gave Darth Vader as much pleasure as ordering Boba Fett around. --Princess Bride reference! :)

    • Nicole Corrao

      Darth Vader was amazed to discover that when Fett said "As you wish," what he meant was, "I love you." Star Wars + Princess Bride = <3 MWAHAHAH @Meagan Theresa

    • Kaitlyn Russell

      This almost made me fall out of my chair laughing! Gotta love the mash up. Love both movies! (star wars and the princess bride)

    • Jamie Brown

      BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My two favorite movies blending into one. (Star Wars & Princess Bride)

    • D&A Weber

      [(A) Just a cute little funny to ease the stress!] Star Wars - Princess Bride

    • Yaliany Schaefer

      Haha star wars and the princess bride. 2 of my favorite movies

    • Samantha Thompson

      hahaha princess bride AND star wars what a funny combination

    • Kacie Pallan

      Star Wars + Princess Bride So funny I HAD to repin....

    • Aydah Jaber

      HAHAHA. #princessbride #starwars

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    not that the avengers can even compare to star wars..... but i like this

    Oh man oh man.

    Have fun storming the castle! Princess bride is my FAVORITE movie!


    Star Trek/Big Bang Theory mashup of Sheldon Cooper's favorite soothing song, 'Soft Kitty,' done with a Tribbles theme. Excellent. Don't think the Klingons will be singing it though...

    daylight savings time. Oh the Princess Bride. Love that movie <3 used to close my eyes at that scene though ;)