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    Everybody's probably seen this Princess Bride lightsaber battle that went viral a few years ago, but, as ToplessRobot points out, you probably haven't seen the other, better Princess Bride lightsab...
    December 3, 2010


    • Courtney Keniston

      Darth Vader was amazed to discover that when Fett said "As you wish," what he meant was, "I love you." Star Wars + Princess Bride = <3 MWAHAHAH

    • Warhapper .

      boba-fett-darth-vader-star-wars-episode-7-does-this-mean-we-ll-see-boba-fett.jpeg (1280×720)

    • Jamie Brown

      BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My two favorite movies blending into one. (Star Wars & Princess Bride)

    • Peggy Butler

      bahahaha - Star Wars meets Princess Bride

    • Natalie Wilton

      Star Wars meets The Princess Bride

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    The Princess Star Bride Wars

    Running late?

    O.o XD Woooow. This is great. Funny play on The Princess Bride!

    This is amazing! :) lol

    Star Wars humor

    The Princess Bride pregnancy test...

    this is one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies : D I am soooo doing this the next time I go to a seminar and they hand me a name tag.

    Princess Bride!!

    Daylight Savings Time meets The Princess Bride: We've just sucked one hour of your life away. Tell to do you feel? LOL!!!!

    Star Wars Swag

    Took me a minute.

    Make Your Own Princess Avatar. This is FANTASTIC. Um, good-bye hours of my life.


    ...and wove! twue wove...will fowwow you...fowevew!

    The Princess Bride Prepare to Die Party Game << I don't know what it is but it looks amazing.

    The Princess Bride mmmm. I didn't know that