• Angela Laguer

    Sweater Upgrade: Make Sweaters Extra Special

  • Marcee Ben-Menachem

    Lots of sewing ideas from Martha.

  • DesireeMMondesir.com

    Cardi Tricks You don't even need a sewing machine to update last season's cardigans with these simple techniques. #marthastewart

  • Donna W

    11 Warm and Fuzzy Craft Ideas. Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Crafts.

  • Julia Ogier

    Sewing Projects: Make Sweaters Extra Special - Martha Stewart

  • Leah Gosney

    Make Sweaters Extra Special - Martha Stewart Crafts

  • JMB Designs, LLC

    Upgrade your sweater. Extra Special Sweaters. Use basic sewing supplies like knit tape, ribbon, and marabou to bring texture and pops of color to your store-bought cardigans.

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Candy Corn Pots - Decorate terra-cotta pots with yellow, orange, and white acrylic paint, and fill with candy corn for a festive Halloween treat.

Chile Pepper Santa Ornaments - Turn chile peppers into a jolly ornaments using apricot, white, and red acrylic paint.

Toy Boats - Give old blocks a seaworthy upgrade with glue, paint, and stickers.

Fabric Napkins with Stamped Borders - With simply an eraser and fabric paint, you can give some plain-Jane napkins a little personality. Stamp a bright border in any pattern and palette you fancy.

Painted Pots - For cheerful containers, stain pots in colors that complement their contents.

Hopscotch Mat - Make an indoor hopscotch mat for cold or rainy days.

Block-Printed Shoes - A little paint printed with a bottle-stopper gives a fun touch to neutral accessories like these espadrilles.

Stenciled Stool - Make this adorable stenciled stool to add color and height to any child's bedroom.

Rock Animals - With rocks, glue, and paint, kids can create a collection of all their favorite animals.

Embellished Sandals - Use different colors of acrylic paint to embellish a pair of sandals.

Portable Game Board for the Beach - Make a fun game for the beach using a place mat, fabric ink, and a vinyl eraser.

Leafy Sunroom Pillows - For these sunroom pillows, mustard-yellow linen was printed with three different-size anthurium leaves.

Painted Fabric Silhouettes - These painted fabric silhouettes are a clever and inexpensive way to brighten up any wall.

Gilded Stationery - Use a gold-colored metallic-paint pen to "gild" the borders of invitations, note cards, gift tags, envelopes, and place cards. On a covered work surface, run the pen's felt tip flush along all edges of the paper; the paint will bleed slightly, creating a glimmering border.

No-Stitch Cross-Stitch Candlehodlers - Trace our leafy templates onto large candleholders with an extra-fine-tip paint pen, for a beautiful centerpiece that looks stitched.

Rock Dominoes - Smooth, flat stones aren't just for skipping -- they're perfect for game pieces too. For a set of dominoes, all you need are 28 stones and a white paint pen to draw lines and dots. Begin by drawing a line across the center of each. Then, on either side of the line, mark with two sets of dots in every combination from zero to six.

Striped Bangle Bracelets - Make chunky, cheerful bangles with white acrylic paint and tissue paper.

Block-Printed T-Shirt - Embellish a plain t-shirt by block-printing it with paint and a trivet or other design.

Jar-o'-Lanterns - Paint jars in pumpkin colors with oil-based enamel paint and give them funny faces.

Striped Picnic Table - Use semigloss latex exterior paint and primer to give your picnic table a shiny, patriotic look. Prime table; allow to dry. Cover the edges of alternating slats with blue painters' tape. Apply two coats of red paint to the untaped slats and allow to dry. Remove tape, then apply new tape to edges of painted slats; paint two coats of white on remaining slats and let dry.

Decorated Pencils - Use acrylic paint and tape to add charming spirals to pencils.

Stenciled Napkin And Tea Towel - Dress up everyday linens with nature-inspired patterns made from templates and fabric paint.