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Easy sewing project: Gingham coasters


How to Sew: Sewing Techniques and Easy Projects to Sew for Beginners

Let's chat about something different- stitching on paper & paper sewing. I know what your thinking- instantly that 'Whatcha you talkin bout Willis' phrase popped into your head.... we're not s...

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Flag Berry Tart

Easy sewing project

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Fabric Cord Keeper - Free Sewing Tutorial

Free Sewing Project and Tutorial - Fabric Cord Keeper

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25+ Easy Sewing Projects

Grocery bag holder - 25+ easy sewing projects -

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Flag Berry Tart

Easy sewing projects

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Tips for Sewing Vinyl

Tips for Sewing Vinyl - Melly Sews | Best and Essential Sewing Tips, Tools, and Tricks for Beginners | Sewing Hacks | Learn How to Sew | Sewing Tutorials and Instruction | Simple Sewing Techniques

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Easy Project

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How to Make a Cozy Pillow Bed

Learn how to make a cozy pillow bed with this quick and easy photo tutorial - a great beginner sewing project. Perfect for reading, lounging, movie night, sleepovers and camping!


65 Genius Gift Ideas to Make at Home

Socktopuses: Take a sock, stuff with fabric or plastic bags. Sew shut. Cut bottom of sock into legs.