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How to Make a Rope-Handled Bag to Tote Around All Summer Boogie boards, sand castles, and seashells! If you have a beach vacation coming up, it’s time to think about where you’re going to be stashing your snacks, sunglasses, and beach towels on your way to stake out your sandy spot! Here's a bag that is sure to match your personal beachgoing style -- whatever that might be.

"I always meant for the corkboard wall of photos to just be the background,” Darcy says. Now it serves as a growing testament to her family’s fun, busy life, and many get-togethers (including a peace birthday party for her daughter Daisy).

Treasure Hunt - "This room is always a flurry of activity, creativity, and projects. If it weren't organized, it would be a train wreck," Darcy says.

Tip 08: Unified Front - An avid scrapbooker, Darcy has labeled cloth-covered boxes to keep an archive of photos. (Her friend Donna Newman, a photographer, has been documenting the girls’ lives since their births.)

In Plain Sight - Since Darcy's always drawing, her pens and paper are out and within view.

Organized Glitz - Various glitter multipacks, by Martha Stewart Crafts, various multipacks; from $16 per pack,

Darcy doesn’t keep a mere inspiration board but an inspiration closet: She files away tear sheets and favorite ephemera in the room’s double-doored closet.

Supplies Darcy uses less frequently -- glitter and pastels, for instance -- are compartmentalized in drawers.

The room is mostly furnished with workplace furniture by Bisley and Able Steel. Some units are file cabinets, others are drawers, others shelves -- resulting in a cohesive look, with plenty of hidden storage, but also with areas where she can showcase her collections and artwork in 3-D galleries.

"The kids and I made their stationery using some of my drawings and some of theirs, which makes them so much more likely to write their thank-you notes," Darcy says. Plastic boxes are labeled and used as catchalls for party ephemera.

Darcy likes to keep her favorite supplies easy to reach when inspiration strikes. "I knew it would be so much easier for me to find if I color-sorted them in clear cups and keep them out on the table," she says.

A stainless-steel table acts as an island of creativity in the middle of the room. The shelves underneath hold large cloth-covered boxes -- one for each of her three daughters -- that she uses to keep their larger (3-D) projects and keepsakes. Both the table and the desk are counter height -- since Darcy Miller likes to draw standing up.

Darcy keeps paper and envelopes in stacking baskets on her desktop. Not only are they handy for use (and right near the printer), they bring a rainbow array of color to the room.

A passionate crafter, illustrator, and celebrations expert, Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director Darcy Miller has organized her home work space to maximize order, efficiency, and a sense of creative fun.

Shirt How-To Place stud on top of button. Use round needle-nose pliers to fold stud spikes around back of button, securing the stud in place.

Shirt Try a subtle accent by covering shirt buttons with pyramid studs. By simply placing the studs over top of the existing buttons, they can be added and removed without affecting the original shirt.

Key Chain Tools and Materials Leather key-chain loop Craft knife Studs Round needle-nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers

Earrings How-To Trace a stud onto chipboard twice. Using a craft knife, cut out along the inside of your traced line to ensure the pieces will fit just inside the stud. Use a pushpin to poke a small hole in the center or top of each.

Earrings These earrings are so easy and inexpensive to make, you can make a few pairs for yourself and a few pairs to give away! Tools and Materials Studs Earring posts Chipboard Superglue Round needle-nose pliers

Thin Bracelet How-To For Webbing Cut webbing or leather length to fit wrist. Push stud spikes through webbing and fold closed with needle-nose pliers.

Thin Bracelets Tools and Materials Thin webbing and leather strips, 1/8" to 1/2" wide Clasps, tags, jump rings Scissors Craft knife Studs Round needle-nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers

Cuff Bracelets Mix and match a variety of studs for a statement piece. These studded cuffs can be worn alone, or paired with one of our thin studded bracelets. Tools and Materials Heavyweight cotton webbing or twill tape, about 1 1/4" thick Snaps Scissors Needle and thread Studs Round needle-nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers

Barrettes These studded barrettes are a chic accent to any ensemble. Tools and Materials Barrettes Superglue Pyramid studs Round needle-nose pliers

Tote Bag How-To For the Tote Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around your purse, allowing an extra 3" (1" for hem and 1" for each end to glue inside opening of purse). Hem your ribbon by folding 1/2" down on each end and securing with glue.

Tote Bags The contrast of the metallic studs with natural canvas bags creates a unique accessory that's chic for day or night.