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  • Movieswirl

    Homekeeping Solutions: Bathroom Cleaning Tips - Martha Stewart

  • Francesca Fazio

    Nothing looks as inviting in a cool white bathroom as plush terry-cloth towels. This shower curtain is made from bath sheets stitched with a simple seam. It couldn't be easier -- the towels are just the right size for a standard tub, and they don't need to be hemmed.(via Martha Stewart)

  • Nicole Saal

    Bedroom and Bathroom Decorating: Clean and Green Bathroom Tips - Martha Stewart- non vinyl shower curtains

  • ipsycool

    25 Small Bathroom Ideas You Can DIY 8. Martha Stewart turns two towels into an unexpected terrycloth shower curtain #DIY #bathroom #spaces #home #tips #shower curtains #design

  • Megan Hassevoort

    Towels as shower curtains - good idea for a kids' bathroom

  • K Keller

    See the "Terry-Cloth Curtain" in our Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners gallery - this is a great idea for how to take a towel to the shower house while camping