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      Party palette: Color inspiration in fuschia, purple, sea green, and GLITTER! #colorpalette

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      12 crafts made with Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage

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      DIY Confetti Dipped Accessories

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      12 crafts made with Martha Stewart Crafts #Cute pet #pet boy #pet girl|

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      Why not dip your accessories in #girl fashion shoes #shoes #my shoes|

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    Made in 100% wool felt and trimmed with embroidery and sequins, our Winter Wreath is the perfect complement to the snow-covered season. And since it's all hand sewn, you don’t need a degree in handcraft engineering to make your wreath as beautiful ours! Each Winter Wreath Kit includes all the supplies you’ll need to make one 16-inch wreath!

    These Decoupage Halloween Crafts Are So Cute, It's Scary!

    Martha's P.M. Routine: 8 Things the Domestic Diva Does After Work - 'Gram Time "I get home at 8:30 or 9 p.m." Then, Martha Stewart edits photos from the day for her Instagram (check out her #instagame) or answers questions and emails. Get the How-To for Using Your Instagram Pictures at Home

    Retro Toys You Can Totally DIY | Martha Stewart Living

    Wrap plain wooden boxes with fabric that matches the recipient's taste. Gift the box as is, or tuck a surprise inside!

    Handmade gifts are the best kind, particularly when they're edible and prettily packaged. And although the items in our collection are all easy to make, offering them to friends is much more than a small gesture -- it's a personal one, showing the best sentiments of the season.

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in the craft room at MSLO? This is the second installment in a series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world's most inspiring craft rooms -- see how it is organized. Today, we unravel our stockpile of ribbons to explain the different types, how we use them, and our personal favorites.

    Our Lovely Liberty Coin Purses aren't just for loose change! Fill them with craft scissors and a measuring tape, lipstick and a mirror, ear buds, an iPod, mints and an ATM card. Whatever your most necessary little necessities, they will be adorably housed in these approximately 5 inch by 5 inch palm-sized purses! Kits come in a variety of colored patterns.

    Make these adorable and totally unique gift boxes that will make any recipient smile!

    Jazz up any party with these super easy and fun striped tumblers! Get the how-to!

    BEAUTIFY YOUR BRUNCH Bored with the same old scene for brunch? Turn your tablescape into a colorful canvas with these painted place mats. Your friends and guests will love the bright pops of color under under their elegant whiteware.

    It’s fringe-tastic! Creating custom fringe party décor is cinch with the fringe cutter from #MarthaStewartCrafts at @MichaelsStores.

    The Best Way to Sew Leather Is Actually By Hand! Here's How Not only is it personally gratifying to hand-sew leather, but this manual technique also offers a stronger suture than the traditional lock stitch created by sewing machines.

    Staying on trend is easy with this super easy-to-make #DIY painted bangle using just a few supplies to create a super stylish piece.

    If you love Instagram as much as we do, you are going to LOVE this easy-to-make craft to display your perfectly filtered pics!

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - Glass etching is the process of embellishing smooth glass with a frosted, textured design and it can be used to transform your throwaway bottles into objects that exude personality (think monograms) and everyday elegance (think vases, storage vessels, etc.).

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - Sunlight and olive oil don't mix. In fact, exposure to sunlight will turn the oil rancid over time. So here's a Good Thing: Decant the oil into a dark-tinted bottle.

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - Here is a lovely alternative to plug-in lighting: Gather some clear bottles and fill them with lamp oil and wicks. Arrange these bottles inside a large hurricane for protection against the wind.

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - We bet you didn't know that you could make hanging lanterns out of your wine bottles! Add some ambience to your home with colored glass.

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - Science isn't found solely in a laboratory -- it can be made right at home! When baking soda and vinegar come into contact, they form carbon dioxide. This gas fills a bottle, funneling into a balloon stretched over the mouth. The rest is magic!

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - Anyone would love to receive a bottled batch of homemade cocktail mixer for Bloody Marys, cranberry cocktails, or apricot-ginger fizzes.

    Drink Up! 12 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles - Instead of storing it under the sink, display your dishwashing liquid as part of the kitchen decor. You can keep the store-bought bottle beneath the sink and refill your display bottle as needed. Top if off with a pour spout, which are available at houseware stores.