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  • Te Quiero Rosa

    #Halloween #Party Jack-o'-Lantern Muslin Treat Bags These stamped muslin bags delight, and not just because of the Halloween candy inside.

  • Kate Piche

    Popcorn snack for Halloween Party

  • Marléne Sinclair Ståhl

    Halloween goodie bags

  • Alice Golden

    Takeaway Treats How-To - stamp simple cloth or muslin bag.

  • Autum Alioto

    Halloween Treat Bags Favors: How-To Make Stamped Muslin Bags. 1. Cut apple vertically, avoiding core seeds. Using craft knife, carve out a face. 2. With foam brush, apply thin layer of orange acrylic paint to apple's surface. 3. Lay a bag on washcloth, stamp with apple. 4. To create a stem shape, cut off tip of triangular makeup sponge; dip in green paint, stamp (Martha Stewart)

  • Doedelie ♥♥ DUTCH ♥♥♥♥♥

    small halloween pumpkin bags treats

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dang martha stewart... she's got some brains in her operation.. this is TOO cute!

Made these in kindergarten, and I made them w/ my kiddos when I taught preschool. :) Pumpkin Treat Bags How-To

Pumpkin Treat Bags*Fill orange mini craft bags with candy. Twist the top of the bag up into a stem. Pull floral tape off roll and stretch it so it becomes sticky. Wrap floral tape around stem, starting at the top and moving downward. Rip off take, leaving 3 to 4 extra inches hanging on the bottom. Twist extra tape into tendril, wrapping it around finger until it curls.

For party favors or treats on Halloween night, fill crepe-paper pumpkin pouches with tiny toys and candy eggs.