• Carol Matuszak

    Bloodthirsty Marys...from Martha Stewart recipes....for a Halloween party!!

  • Xin Kuan

    Bloodthirsty Marys (Halloween Drinks Recipes Ideas)

  • Berenice Mordan

    This is for Jan: Bloodthirsty Marys Recipe - tomato juice, horseradish, vodka, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, lemon, ground pepper, hot sauce, celery stalks and scallions for garnish. (I leave out the soy sauce and add celery seed or celery salt.)

  • The Jetstream

    Bloodthirsty Marys Recipe for #Halloween - via @Martha Stewart Living Not your average bloody mary. #Beverage

  • Cecille

    HALLOWEEN COCKTAILS AND DRINK RECIPES: Bloodthirsty Marys| Martha Stewart

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