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    Black Candy Apples

    Vegetarian • Gluten free • 10 mins to prepare • Makes 8


    8 Apples, red


    1/2 cup Corn syrup, light

    Baking & Spices

    1 tsp Food coloring, black
    2 cups Sugar


    1 Butter, Unsalted


    3/4 cup Water
    • Favor Affair

      Halloween: Halloween Fun House - Martha Stewart - "Bad Apples"

    • V F

      Black Candy Apples- Martha Stewart - A bit of black food coloring in the candy gives these carnival sweets a dark twist. To serve them, insert wooden sticks, and slide black-and-white straws over them.Usually cheerful candied apples take a menacing -- and haunted-houseworthy -- turn when cloaked in sugary black shells.

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