Apple-Ginger Sparklers Recipe

Ginger ale, grenadine, orange juice, and sherbet come together in this summer sipper.

Make batch ginger-ale/cider as base. Have pomegranate juice for side and rum variations for additives. Have red wine and fruit for sangria as well - "cider bar."

This was my friend Ginger's BYOB to an athletic awards ceremony one year (no, I don't remember the year or the award ceremony....they're that good!)

Apple Pie Moonshine (Family Recipe): 1 gal apple juice 1 gal apple cider 1 cup of sugar Bring to a boil let it chill then add 1.75 L of grain alcohol Put a cinnamon stick in each jar..makes a great Christmas present. Love it!

13 Nonalcoholic Holiday Drinks

Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler | | A very refreshing and delicious spring or summer-drink made with hibiscus tea and sparkling water. | #recipe #drinks

Watermelon Margaritas. Oh hey now!

Strawberry Lemonade Sparkler

a good (non-alchoholic) holiday drink: cranberry juice, apple juice, and ginger ale

Cranberry-Orange Sparkler Recipe

Easy-to-make flavored ginger ale with blueberries, lemon, lime and ginger via Better Homes & Gardens

Blackberry Mint Lemonade

Strawberry-Rhubarb Sangria. Delicious for Cinco de Mayo

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"Best ever" lemonade recipe

Raspberry Lemonade!

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