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Yorkshire Pudding

Reserved drippings from the rib-roast fat add richness to this Yorkshire pudding. This recipe was also featured on "Mad Hungry for the Holidays."

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My boys LOVE a good yorkshire pud, one of the few eating habits they picked up in England. This will be added to next weeks menu for sure!

§§§ : Yorkshire Pudding Will someone please make this for me .. You know who you are ...just say yes :)

Yorkshire Pudding | Cooked in the same pan that the roast comes out of, this puffy staple is ideal for sopping up the meat juices on your plate.

Yorkshire Pudding 2Cups all purpose flour 1 tsp salt Add 6 eggs a room temp 21/2 cups milk (very cold) 1/4 cup beef fat heated in pan @ 425 till smoky Pour into hot fat Bake 20 min 325

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