• Lisa Mueller

    Living room shelving idea GET THE LOOK @ IKEA // Get a slew of the mid-sized LACK wall shelves

  • Storm Luckhardt

    Ikea LACK shelving. Very cool yet different idea!

  • Corrie Baker

    shelf styling ideas

  • Sharon Mintah

    IKEA lack shelving, white shelves, floating shelves

  • Margaret Watson

    Ikea LACK shelving. I love the staggered shelves here. Thinking maybe put the fabric bins in the closet after all, shake up the shelving in the room like this and put craft supplies in nifty containers there instead.

  • Vanessa Velez

    floating bookshelves | Floating Shelves

  • Sav B.

    Good idea for book shelves

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Linen Cabinet - Linens are tucked away in an antique cabinet, with glass doors that were painted the same blue as the doors in the house.

Blue Floors - This homeowner stuck to subdued hues throughout the house -- her only exception was the kitchen.

Tips for Decorating with Blue - 1. A sedate fabric headboard is easily dressed up by attaching a wide edging of cotton-linen tape trim with fabric glue. 2. There's no need to buy a whole new set of linens to vary the vibe in a bedroom. A few deep-colored items, such as pillowcases and accent pillows, provide a soft foil to crisp white sheets and a coverlet. 3. To amplify a side table, slip a patterned wallpaper under glass.

Pop of Color - The key to enlivening a neutral room is to brighten it with several shades of the same color. In a mostly pale room, a plaid blanket makes a strong statement. The chandelier, the wall-mounted bedside tables, and the cushion on the dog bed reiterate the blanket's several shades of blue. Orange poppies add a vivid, albeit temporary, secondary color.

Gingham Footstool Cover - We dressed this ottoman in two blue ginghams: large and small check. The tailored slipcover, with piping around the top and an ever-so-slightly flared skirt, gains a little whimsy from ball fringe inserted between the fabrics.

Space-Saving Bookcases - In a rustic family room, built-in bookcases hold art books, children's books, and novels -- a whole family's worth of interests. To maximize storage, a 4-inch-high, 5-inch-deep wooden step was built; the shelf holds two rows of books, and all are visible. The tilted top shelves display covers; the molding lip supporting the books matches molding on the middle shelf. The inside of shelves can be boldly painted or wallpapered; only a fraction of color is seen.

Curtain Divide - Bring the translucent waters of some tropic island into your living room. This curtain divider not only provides functionality to limited space, but also is serene and calming like that from which it draws inspiration.

Blue Wall - Suspended from wooden pegs tipped with 1940s tin tiebacks is a bevy of covered tin pails from the 1950s and '60s, some lithographed with scenes or birds, a la hand-painted Continental porcelains, others with bouquets or all-over prints.

Curtain Divide - Bring the translucent waters of some tropic island into your living room. This curtain divider not only provides functionality to limited space, but also is serene and calming like that from which it draws inspiration.

Using Ombre - The gentle progression of color in ombre suggests the transition from wakefulness to slumber, especially in soothing shades of blue. The headboard slipcover and matching pillowcases are shrouded in sky-blue linen that's dyed a deeper, sea-inspired tone, embodying the spare beauty of a monochromatic palette.

Blue Wedgwood Tins - Tin containers have been manufactured in a very cool color of Wedgwood jasperware. For display on a neoclassic sideboard, we've chosen grays, blues, and greens. Symmetrically arranged with eighteenth-century formality, stacks of the circular "Wedgwood" tins can be used for storage. On the wall, a row of lids is displayed like a collection of antique plates or prints.

Painted Pots - Whether you live on the West Coast, East Coast, or miles away from the ocean, bring all the colors of the water right to your backyard. Potted plants look even nicer in containers with hues of sea blue.

Sage-and-Blue Bedroom - It's easier than you think to conjure a refreshingly imaginative bedroom. By selecting hues that not only make you smile but also enhance the mood and setting of the rest of your house, you can design a bedroom that is tranquil yet still has plenty of panache.

Paint a Room - In theory, we all know how to paint a room. Dip a brush or roller in a color and spread it over the wall. But painting neatly and efficiently is a skill most of us could brush up on. We have a basic guide to the essential tips and techniques to get the job done.

True Blues - By picking blues that are more neutral than primary, you can get away with a lot -- in this case, seven patterns and an eclectic grouping of furnishings and accessories in one living room. The space oozes comfort because the blues have undertones of gray or beige that allow the patterns to happily mingle.

Sea-Glass-Inspired Palette - Choosing the right blue is all about creating a mood. Here, washes of light sky blue on the walls and lots of white evoke the tranquillity of a tropical breeze. A pale aqua on the underside of the shelves extends the theme for anyone who's in the tub. Add another tropical touch by using radiator-grill panels on the walls and as shutters to provide privacy without sacrificing light.

Breakfast Blue - Traditional porcelain with a Chinese motif provides a charming reference point for this crisp breakfast room. The mesh weave on the light, modern chairs, which are painted in two shades of blue (in an easy-to-clean acrylic semigloss) echoes and updates the fishnet-pattern rims on the china. On the vintage bench, a cushion upholstered in a graceful floral is coated in Tyvek for effortless wipe-downs.

Blue Step by Step - Using little test pots of paint, we coated the uprights in twos, pairing them off on adjacent steps and graduating the tone from light to dark to create an ombre effect all the way up the banister. So easy to do, such a striking effect.

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