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Piggybacking two drawers in the space of one allows you to keep different sets of silverware in one section and meal-preparation tools in the other. In the double drawer shown here, the top section slides on runners mounted inside the bottom drawer.

Doing some spring cleaning? See how to maximize space in your home or apartment. Anything left over or seasonal can be stored at one of our 13 locations in New York's #HudsonValley guardianselfstora...

With these 11 tips, even the tiniest of kitchens can fully accommodate your needs. If you can’t tear down walls to add more shelves and cabinets, look to these ideas to make the most of your kitchen storage options.

How To Maximize Your Apartment Space Infographic

diy home sweet home: Organize your Kitchen to Maximize Storage

Organized Pantry. Use closet organizing "systems"/products to maximize & customize.

Great ideas for maximizing the space in small kitchens!

Do you need more space in your kitchen? Here are some great ideas for maximizing your small kitchen!

Maximizing small apartment space. @ Pinfographics We don't have a tiny place but this has some smart tips.

Good use of small space to maximize storage and light.