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      Ideas for our new backyard in San Francisco, which really needs all the help it can get!

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      Gro Color: A garden is a blank slate. Use it to express your personal style. #grosomethinggreater

    • Ann Gorczyca Kardos

      A garden is a blank slate. Use it to express your personal style. #grosomethinggreater I love #MarthaStewart !

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    A landscape designer gives his own driveway a makeover, and the results are stunning.

    Woven willow fences, made by Bay Area craftsman Neil Curry of the Willow Farm, frame graveled outdoor rooms that are shielded from the intense sun by roof panels of the same willow.

    Designed in 1919 by noted architect Reginald Johnson, the 8,800-square-foot Spanish-style mansion in California once housed the collections of Madame Ganna Walska, the garden’s creator. The front garden features Madame’s oddly shaped cacti.

    For all the drama they add to a landscape, hillsides present their own set of problems. Here's how to cope with a steep learning curve. In Robin Benson's garden in the Hollywood Hills, purple hop bush and silver echium climb a hill, their colors echoing the succulents and shrubs that have been planted below to soften the hard lines of a poolside retaining wall.

    The wedding of Mary and Lew Reid more than 20 years ago also united his love for plants and her talent for design. The result is an extraordinary garden Towering Douglas firs and redwood trees edge the Reids' sweeping southern view, where a vista of farm fields, woods, and rambling foothills unfurls. The tapestry of plants, which features types native to the Mediterranean, South Africa, Australia, and California, creates a richly textured foreground.

    Martha Stewart's Culinary Herb Garden, a display of the finest culinary herbs personally selected by Martha Stewart and her team of gardening experts, will be one of the highlights of "The Edible Garden," The New York Botanical Garden's campus-wide summer program celebrating edible plants. Martha brings her distinctive design aesthetic to the historic Luce Herb Garden, redesigning it to display a rich selection of herbs. Come take a sneak peak.

    At her New Hampshire farm, Marney Bean made the classic mistakes of every beginning gardener. But as her passion for plants grew, her garden became a brilliant study in composition.

    How to Make a Garden Teepee for Climbing Plants Vertical is the way to grow! Train your climbing plants, such as cucumbers, to grow up, and watch them thrive. Here's how.

    Meadowburn’s Dahlias 1. ‘Jane Cowl’—the only previously identified cultivar, featuring peach petals tinged with gold. 2. The cactus dahlia ‘Meadowburn Albert Furman,’ a prolific bloomer. 3. The antique peony-flowered ‘Meadowburn Danny Bea,’ magenta with streaks of maroon. 4. ‘Meadowburn Byba Vincenza,’ with its bobbing magenta form.

    In the formal garden, Ely planted wisteria along the rustic pergola, which was constructed from cedar wood found on the working farm at the end of the path. “Ely was a real ‘dirt gardener,’” says Teal-Sullivan. Through her books, Ely encouraged women to take an active role in the garden. “Patience and perseverance are traits necessary to the gardener. One must not be discouraged, but determined to succeed,” she wrote in A Woman’s Hardy Garden.

    Teal-Sullivan plants the picking garden with varieties she thinks Ely would have used: “Ely was an experimenter,” she notes, “so part of my philosophy when gardening is to emulate her and give myself some flexibility by trying new things.”

    An opening in the stone wall leads to the evergreen garden.

    ‘Helena Rutherfurd Ely’ dahlias can reach 10 inches in diameter and grow on sturdy purple stems.

    Ely’s first book, A Woman’s Hardy Garden, was a best seller and was printed 16 times; she wrote two subsequent books, including The Practical Flower Garden, a copy of which is shown here, signed to her “faithful friend and gardener,” Albert Furman.

    The pool garden was completed around 1905 and is framed by hemlock hedges and arborvitae.

    A sphinx-like relief is one of the several decorative features in the evergreen garden.

    Foxgloves grow by the greenhouse.

    Terra-cotta pots are stacked and ready for planting.

    “There is no flower in the garden more beautiful, more easily cultivated or giving so much bloom as the phlox. I could certainly never have a garden without it,” wrote Ely in A Woman’s Hardy Garden. Teal-Sullivan transplanted Ely’s beloved pink phlox from the formal garden to the picking bed, combining it with Ely favorites such as an old-fashioned fragrant petunia in white, hot pink, and lavender.

    The Coster-Gerard family embellished the space with garden ornaments, including the pool’s fountain, as seen today.

    Created in 1914, the evergreen garden was the last area Ely planted at Meadowburn.

    The preservation of the gardens at Meadowburn Farm, in northwestern New Jersey, gives new life to the legacy of beloved writer Helena Rutherfurd Ely.

    Green Light - Nature's go-with-everything color glows in maidenhair fern, oak-leaf hydrangea, hellebore, and hosta.

    The Lush Life - "I get asked all the time, 'Don't gardens need to be in full sun?' Well, in fact, they don't," says Tony Bielaczyc. "Even if you're short on sunlight, you can get plenty of color from shade plants. Green is a color, and there are so many wonderful greens out there. Foliage is an amazing resource to work with."

    Flower Show - A fragrant, disease-resistant 'New Dawn' rose climbs the latticework that screens the east-facing porch ell. Tony Bielaczyc took advantage of this bright exposure to stock the border with sun-loving flowers.