Personalize a gift with stamps on the book bindings. That's so beautiful and easy!

Family Origins - Each figure is a map of where the person was born


An incredible DIY: giving a battered book new life as an activity kit.

examples of western case binding, long stitch binding, stab binding, post binding, accordion binding, coptic binding.

Marie Montard. Incredible work.


the simplest stamps

books become envelopes

I am a featured artist in this book. #jacquelinerushlee #bookart #alteredbooks

Hunger Games Book Jewelry Box Upcycled recycled by WreckedWritings

old books into tags

gold-edged envelopes // really sweet idea for d.i.y. holiday cards!

Paint old bricks to look like books for your garden!

bookmarks from old book spines

Gift wrap that can't get any more personal or pretty. Learn how to make your own (there's still time!). Start with your Instagram photos.