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      Whether your space favors the formal or the casual, the modern or the traditional, you’ll find that a naturally cascading drape complement any decor as it softly filters light.

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      Sheer #curtains lighten up a room for #summer. #MarthaWindow #JCPenney #redecorate

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      Sheer curtains lighten up a room (Martha Window @ JCPenny)

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    These desk caddies are great for those with more than a few stray pens. They are made from reclaimed wood from antique floor joists from Philadelphia houses built in the 1800s. It is Olde Growth Pine which means that this wood had been growing for many many years before it was cut and turned into a home. The grain is super tight. Each caddy is hand rubbed with natural tung oil providing a water resistant, durable finish. American Made in Philadelphia, PA.

    If you have a question, Martha has the answer! Whether you want to make your own colored paint washes or updating old wallpaper, we have the perfect solution.

    Earn Stripes: 7 Home Decor Ideas That Play with the Pattern - Stripes have proven themselves to be a classic, timeless pattern, and have certainly grown up beyond the beach house. From skinny pinstripes to the bold and multicolored stripes of a serape blanket, the options for incorporating the pattern into your home-decor ideas are seemingly endless. To help us navigate this nautical-inspired world, I polled a few stripes experts on how to add the well-known pattern into your decor.

    Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas That Will Drastically Transform Your Space - You don't have to invest in a complete home makeover in order to transform your living space from drab to fab. The living room is the perfect place to start making simple improvements, as this is the space that we all tend to spend the most time in. Read on to find out how you can update your favorite room with these easy living room decorating ideas.

    How to Add a Pop of Green in Your Home - Green is the color of fauna, of renewal and of rebirth. It is the color of spring, of balance and harmony. It is a soothing hue that represents nature's tranquil surroundings. With all its peaceful qualities, it is the perfect color to incorporate throughout all parts of your home.

    Contemporary Fireplace Ideas - Do you want to include a contemporary fireplace in your next home or upcoming renovation but don't know where to start? These tips and tricks will help you create a contemporary fireplace that will enhance the overall look of your space.

    A Modern Makeover for a Traditional Maine Cottage - Tyler Karu took to flipping houses full time when the economy took a dive. When she started renovating this charming 1920s cottage in Maine, she decided that a mix of old and new accents would best suit the space. A few months in, she realized that she was actually going to move in for a few months, so she decided to add a few customized details to make the space feel like her own.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - High contrasts -- such as black art on white walls -- will immediately draw your eye in! Align your chandelier and centerpiece with this in mind and you will create a dramatic focal point in your dining room.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - A statement vase or low-hanging chandelier can add instant impact to your tablescape.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - These wall-mounted plant brackets are a customizable and unexpected way to add color and greenery to your walls. Try this with succulents or sprawling bouquets for a modern look.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - The bright-red chairs in this room make a bold statement that really draws your attention to the table.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - Adding wheels to your dining room table means you have ultimate flexibility when hosting. Want to move the table out to seat more people? No problem! Bonus: Cleaning around your table is now easier than ever.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - If you're really happy with your dining room decor but simply want to make it more inviting for guests, try adding a curated bar cart. You can opt for a cheap (but gorgeous) DIY cart like this one, or spring for something a little fancier.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - The neutral furniture and jute area rugs enhance the dining area without overwhelming it with patterns. The understated design also showcases the bright green plants and copper accent bar stools.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - A brightly colored rug is a great way to liven up your dining space without having to break out a paintbrush. Adding a rug can also dramatically delineate the dining area in open-plan homes.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - This home has two distinct dining spaces, with one area for eating and one for entertaining. This separation makes it easier to enjoy each space to the fullest.

    Feast Your Eyes: Gorgeous Dining Room Decorating Ideas - Find that you are not using your dining room nearly enough? Your space might be too formal, which is fine, but you have to eat somewhere! A beautiful breakfast table adjacent to your kitchen can provide an everyday dining space that is more functional and inviting than a formal dining room.

    Most people think of interior design in terms of color, shape, pattern, and texture. But just as critical are proportion and placement. The long and short of it? Put a too-small rug in a room and, no matter how perfectly it coordinates color-wise, it’ll look awkward. So what is the right-size rug for your room? How high should you mount your favorite painting? And how low should your chandelier hang? We show you how to implement a plan that really measures up, room by room.

    It was the quintessential surburban home -- shady porch, pitched roof, mom, dad, sister, baby brother. But it had to be comfortable enough so kids could plop down and company could drop in. The only thing that needed to be redone was the frontmost part: the stairs in the foyer and the living room. In short, the entryway needed energizing.

    As the designated space for enjoying meals, holidays, and family get-togethers, your dining room is a worthy spot to lavish with attention. Get inspired by Brandi Abdul-Malik's dining room makeover.

    What was once considered, well, brassy is now something to covet and keep. From small moments to large statements, today’s brass is tasteful and

    Decorate with Brass - Basic utilitarian wire shelves get a glamorous makeover with brass plating. “What was once an inexpensive shelving unit is now a gorgeous heirloom,” says Kevin. “You can refinish any metal with brass, except for aluminum,” says Jeff Higdon, owner of Victoria Plating, who custom-plated these shelves.

    Decorate with Brass - “Lighting made out of brass will create a beautiful halo effect,” says Kevin Sharkey. Consider these bright ideas for pendant, task, and floor lamps.

    Decorate with Brass - Brass works well with so many furniture periods. Here, a vintage gilt-edged Paul McCobb end table is paired with a contemporary brass lamp.