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      Organizing: Summer Organizing Tips - Martha Stewart

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      Outdoor Drying Rail: on the deck by the pool, shaker peg rail, pegs can be used to dry wet items such as bathing suits & towels.

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      outdoor beach house storage

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      Outdoor Beach Drying Rail - martha stewart

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      Outdoor Beach Drying Rail ~ Give a Shaker peg rail, typically used indoors for coats, a summertime purpose. The pegs can be used to hang and dry sandy items such as beach chairs and flippers.

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    The triangular structures in your closet are so much more than a vehicle for hanging clothing -- they're smellable sachets, they're purse organizers, they're beautiful and bandanna-printed! And they can be so much more useful to your closet-organization goals. Check out these 10 tricks to help your hangers better help you organize your closet.

    When it comes to organizing the bathroom, there is one absolutely vital rule: Find a rightful place for everything. Of course, looks are just as important, especially in the most utilitarian of spaces. Here are some tips for organizing three types of bathrooms -- one for a family, another for a couple, and a third for houseguests -- to serve both form and function.

    Laundry rooms are notorious for being cramped. If you need new inspiration for making over your laundry room, these laundry room ideas will help you save precious space and time.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Before your annual physical exam, compile your treatment history. This should detail any allergies and include your emergency contacts.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Update your mailing list and address book (electronic or paper), adding new friends and changing information for those who have relocated.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Mail causing clutter? Set up a station with boxes designated for bills, filing, correspondence to answer, magazines and catalogs, and recyclables. Sort the mail as soon as you bring it inside.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Invest in backup software for your home computer, so if your system ever goes down, all won't be lost. Set it to back up files with each use. Do a full system backup each month.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Clean and organize bookshelves. Dust shelves, and sort books by subject, so you can quickly find what you're seeking.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Organize a tag sale. Clean out your closets, basement, and garage. Sort and price items you no longer need. Choose a weekend to hold the sale, and post signs. (Check local ordinances to see if a permit is required for the sale.) Invite neighbors to join in, as larger inventories attract more customers.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Conduct a household inventory and catalog all valuables. This will help you file a claim with your insurance company should any of these items be stolen or damaged in a fire or a natural disaster. Photograph jewelry, electronics, and the like; store the pictures, along with any relevant records (such as receipts, appraisals, or certificates) in a fire-proof safe or a safe-deposit box. Review insurance policies to make sure your coverage is sufficient.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Get your household paperwork in order. Rather than let stacks of mail accumulate, for instance, you can create a system that helps you sort and organize everything as soon as it arrives. Try this easy trick in your kitchen or over a desk: Hang a pot-lid holder on the wall, and use it as a mail sorted, grouping items according to recipient or by action needed -- read, respond to, and so on.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Update your emergency phone list. It should include contact information for local police and fire departments, the poison control center, doctors and veterinarians, family, and neighbors. Laminate the list, and post it near the phone. You should also program the numbers into your cell phone.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Organize magazines and catalogs: Stack a few current issues on the coffee table, or set them in a basket next to a reading chair. If you keep old issues for reference, arrange them in plastic or cardboard holders, and place them on bookshelves. Keep catalogs in a bin by your desk, and throw away old copies as new ones arrive.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Make certain your home is not at risk for an electrical fire. Check outlets and light-switch faceplates -- if they are hot or discolored, call a professional for an electrical-system inspection. Also, call an electrician if lights dim or flicker often, circuit breakers trip or fuses blow frequently, or buzzing noises come from the outlets.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Do a safety check every six months. When you turn the clocks back at the end of daylight-saving time, test household alarms, and schedule a fire drill for your family. Also be sure exterior lights are working and no bulbs are burned out. This is important for security.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Organize your recyclables. Set out individual containers for glass, metal, paper, and plastic articles, and make sure that each bin is clearly labeled to eliminate any confusion.

    Gentle Reminders: Organizing - Organize manuals, warranties, insurance policies, and receipts for appliances, electronics, and other major purchases. Place the paperwork for each piece in a labeled folder, and arrange in an accordion file. If you've saved a product's packaging (in case you'll have to return or exchange it), tape a note to the box indicating the date the warranty or insurance expires. This way you can easily tell when to recycle or discard the packaging.

    A Peek Inside Digital pictures, tucked into card-stock tags with windows, identify the contents inside each garment bag. Breathable and inexpensive, the canvas bags can be dressed-up with colorful bias tape, applied with an iron and fusible webbing.

    Portable Hooks To create a belt rack that matches your other hangers (and doesn't require making holes in the wall), try this: Predrill a row of holes in alternating spots on both sides of a wooden clamp hanger, and screw in cup hooks. Make as many of these hangers as you need to accommodate your belts.

    Safe and Warm Wool scarves and mittens are ready to wear from one season to the next when wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and slipped into labeled craft boxes (available at organizing stores). The boxes are then stowed inside shallow drawers.

    Dust Jackets Twenty-inch cloth napkins (or same-size squares of fabric) become protective covers for coats and vests that don't need to be stored in garment bags. Each is pierced in the center and reinforced with a grommet to slide over a hanger.

    Long-Term Care Being kind to clothes between wearings and seasons is an investment in their longevity. Use appropriate hangers so that jackets and shirts retain their shape, and stack sweaters from heaviest to lightest. Clothes and accessories stored for a season or longer need protection from light, moisture, and insects. A box filled with acid-free tissue paper, assorted cedar inserts, and dried lavender makes it easy to prepare items as you put them away.

    This End Up Tame your T-shirts by folding them into thirds and arranging them folded-end up in the drawer, rather than flat (this is an overhead view). Metal bookends, painted blue and outfitted with rubber surface protectors, hold the shirts upright, letting you see each one.