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  • Natalie Bair Matthies

    A pin for my sisters cats - their dream home is made of a cardboard box. I'm sure of it. DIY Cardboard Cat Playhouse from Martha Stewart

  • Alana Tingley Ⓥ

    Cardboard cat playhouse.! Easy diy project.

  • Charley Durham

    DIY How to Make a Cardboard Cat Playhouse - Martha Stewart Pet Projects Would also work for ferrets. If you want to buy something similar check out, which has a couple great cardboard houses for small to average sized cats that would also be enjoyed by ferrets and bunnies and guinea pigs. (the site is obviously for bunnies but I used to shop for my ferrets and squirrel on there. (also, yes I know a rabbit is not a rodent.)

  • Rebecca Feiner

    Pet Projects: Cat Crafts - Martha Stewart #cat #house

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How to Make A Cardboard Cat Playhouse

Cardboard Cat Playhouse Your cat will love to meander through her very own playhouse, which you can construct from three cardboard boxes in just a few simple steps.

Totally cute!! I remember making one over 10 yrs ago for daughter but it was only 1 story | Cardboard house

ashlee Williamson I know what we're doing next girls week!! How to Make a Cardboard Cat Playhouse - Martha Stewart Pet Projects

Week 8 .2.13.2013~I found this picture on pinterest. Mine does not look as great, but I had fun making a single story home out of different sized boxes including a Coronita 24 pack box & a blender box. With a soft pillow in the rear of the house for added comfort.

My kids love cardboard boxes...LOVE...and when they can be house too, its one fun day!

How to Use Cardboard to make a cat’s house but wouldn't this make the perfect beehive for some pretend play!

Simple Cardboard DIY Catscraper TUTORIAL - finally a way to use all those extra boxes

Snowball Fight. "That kid down the block is gonna get it, as soon as I figure this snowball thing out."

Collapsible Cardboard House instructions

Amazing cardboard playhouse!! Build one with your kids and discover the joy and satisfaction of creating something together (key word: together). The more you share the control, the more fun you will have.

A cat playhouse! How cute! Out of just cardboard boxes! sadly i would make this for my gatos...