Vodka teacup on Etsy. This just makes us laugh.

these are so funny!


Valentines Mug V is for Vodka Anti valentines day by Mugsleys

haha, this actually happened to me one morning after a night of drinking and forgetting we just decided to put the vodka in the orange juice. . . . . where nothing is taboo

Just remove his little pants, then load it with tea leaves and perch it in your mug. This amazing Mr. Tea Infuser will add extra fun to your tea time. It's made with silicone that is soft, food-safe and tasteless and also it doesn't affect the taste of tea. Price $4.93. I don't even drink tea, but this is adorable!

Cute ceramic pots


Legally Blonde- "Harvard Law. What? Like it's hard" coffee mug

Get a lady. Chyna!! You may need some of these. And I am not sure why these make me think of you. :-)

Trex / dinosaur and tea lovers will be amazed at this huge mug. Perfect for drinking tea or holding pens on your desk.

Handwritten Personalized ONE CRANKY BITCH Coffee by AnchoredByJ

Custom Your Quote Coffee Mug, Personalized Mug on Etsy, £5.20 Charlotte you need this

An Ice Tea brewer that brews the tea exactly as long as you want AND adds your preferred amount of sweetener. I want one!

tea time

Whatever the morning pick-me-up is, this set of quick-witted coffee mugs are sure to crack a smile—no matter how early it is.

Coffee Mocha Valium Vodka Latte Mug by TulaTinkers on Etsy, $8.00