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Looking to the Future from Travis Wall and Dom Palange's Proposal Photos

Photographer Lee Gumbs captured a tender moment between the So You Think You Can Dance choreographer and the UCLA gymnastics coach.

Vintage photography men in underwear floating on the lake

Happy new year and a lot of love for 2016

4 Tips for DSLR Photography Beginners

"If you dance with your heart, your body will follow." -Mia Michaels #dance #quote

another-way-of-love: Es uno de los post más bonitos que he...

Joey Graceffa!!! From his new music video of Don't Wait!

24 Stunningly Delicate Engagement Rings That Are Too Good To Be True

Isn’t falling in love fun? It’s all roses and laughter, late night sexcapades and staring into each other’s eyes. But staying in love? That’s another story. As the years pile up, so do the utility bills, the misinterpreted text messages and even t