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Matt Connors

Matt Connors inspiration for a quilt, I like the diagonal line in the center. Change the color scheme a little, but keep it subtle and add a few "splashes" of fabric paint. It could work.


chunghi lee (korean) fabric ( Bojagi (보자기), a traditional Korean wrapping cloth)purposes assemblage 1999 (raw hemp, cloth, stitched) from the collection of jack lenor larsen photo scanned from the book: jack lenor larsen, creator and collector.

John Hoyland - Green, Orange, Pink

"John Hoyland is among England’s premier abstract painters. These silkscreens, done in the early are an exception to Hoyland’s generally more muscular, scratchy, smeary color field paintings"

kaitlincarroll:  Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell Each child cuts a stencil shape and has a roller. Lesson is rotating around the room creating a collaborative work. Looking at shape positive and negative shape, layers, colour mixing etc, wet paint could pose a problem.

huguettecaland:  Beirut133x86cm, mixed media on canvas, 2008

(pattern/color inspiration) _ Huguette Caland -- Beirut ___ mixed media on canvas, 2008

COLOR STUDIES | thirty – two


Artists play an influential role in this season's styles with the color usage and the shapes and lines. In this abstract painting by Jun Tsunoda, we see like the trendy colors are combined - Peach Echo, Rose Quartz, Limpet Shell and Iced Coffee.


Suprematism - Non-Objective Art - Cecil Touchon -Suprematist Non-Objective Poetry, 12 x 9 in., collage on paper, USA

misato suzuki

To know more about Misato Suzuki Early Summer Rain, Acrylic on Canvas, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 3 other Misato Suzuki items too!

Lola Painting : Abstract No. 7

Lola Painting : Abstract No. 7

Lola is a darling little artist from Ireland and has a knack for textural and interesting abstract paintings. This limited edition fine art giclee print is soft and subtle with tones of pink, blue, an