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The opportunity for infinite possibilities exist no matter what age we are. - Marianne Williamson

And hopefully one day, one world, they'll be able to be together for good. #OutlawQueen

When you're a celebrity, every part of you life is in the spotlight, the good parts and the bad parts. While most of these deaths were accidents, they also could have been avoided with some more responsibility. Check it out...

I'm so happy reading Jungkook's one. He joined BIGHIT just from watching RM. THANK YOU FOR BEING IN BTS. And Jin...HAHAHAHA. RAN AWAY FROM FUKING SM

I think Carl gives away too much!

I know this by heart❤️ part of growing up is realizing you learn to live so many people. It's about forming those relationships and finding what will last forever ❤️

Season 7 E4 "Service"

"I'm a pretty easy going person, if I do say so myself, but unfortunately, the wolf isn't so easy going, and it's part of me now."