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Cameron dallas photo shoot 213

[ cameron dallas ] "hello. i'm cameron. i'm the head doctor. i'm twenty one. i love taking care of the patients. i started this place up for my sister and her best friend kelsey. they needed a place to feel safe. my sister is sahar. intro?"

(FC Cameron Dallas) "Hello I'm Cameron and I'm 19 years old, I have a sister named Cat and if you hurt her or Julia I'll come after you!! Well I'm single, come introduce yourself if you want"

Josh Dallas - Behind the scenes - 6 * 1 "The Savior" - 12th July 2016

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Josh Dallas and Colin O'Donoghue - Behind the scenes - 6 * 1 "The Savior" - 12th July 2016

Hahahaha He looks like Justin Bieber in that pic So Cute.....Both of them! Haha

Who is the one next to cameron he is a hot one please please comment and tell me who tht is thx<= NO!!!!! You pinned it so you should have the sense to know who they are!!!!