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Humane Society of Washington County, Maryland

Humane Society of Washington County, Maryland

Without the Humane Society I would've never found my Beagle. If you can't donate money, donate your time! *DONE! -CeCeM*

My dad's on the board, and they do their best to find animals for home, another donation receiver of mine

Cat gets caught barking and resumes meowing - hahahaha I dislike cats... but this one Iike.

Cat gets caught barking and resumes meowing hilarious! Haha cats are so funny

How to make a custom dog harness!

Make a custom dog harness for walking your dog or a pulling harness for bikejoring, skijoring, dog scootering and rollerjoring.

cat logic....

demotivational poster PARANOIA I'm telling you, man, he's planning something. The way he just sits and stares, doesn't even blink. Damn goldfish freaks me out, man.

14 Shameful Dogs Who Have Been Caught Misbehaving

"I sneak under the fence so my mom makes me wear this." ~ Dog Shaming shame this makes me laugh!

Support No-Kill at your local municipal shelters! NOKILL refers to at least a 90% SAVE ratio at open admission, municipal shelters - programs explained in Nathan Winograd's book, REDEMPTIONS.

NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTERS NATION-WIDE ! kill shelters: stop the cruelty of killing animals and think what if i were them! help me get the president to outlaw kill shelters!

Although the twins loved the constant attention they received from their human parents, they longed for a sense of individuality and personal expression. #catherineclinch

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever. i generally don't like animals in clothes, but these guys are gorgeous<<I want to hug and cuddle them so much it hurts. They must be very calm and patient to put up with this.