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Cris Pereby

Philippe Chazot

Garden Art

Hercules was an ancient mythical hero, regarded as the greatest of the Greek heroes. Born in Thebes and was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, a descendant of Perseus.

The statue of C.S. Lewis in front of the wardrobe from his book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" in East Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Auguste Rodin

DNA. Northampton, July 2015.

#lion #sandcastle

Sand Sculpture,Sand ,Sculpture

La lecture, Etienne, Bon Marché (2012)

"Torso of Adele" By Auguste Rodin

Liuba. Sculpture is devoted to the wife of Western Siberia Governor-General Gustav Christophe von Gasford. Sculptor S. Noryshev, design by I. Vakhitov \\ Russia

Anne of Kiev, 1024 - 1075. Wife of Henri I of France called the "mother" of European royalty because almost all royals trace their lineage back to her. Great grandmother of Louis VII, 1st spouse of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Wat Phra Singh, Thailand

Muang Boran, Bangkok, Thailand

Mummys Little Bundle by *Hippopottermiss on deviantART - this ladies work is so AWESOME I could look at it for hours and hours!!!

My newest robot " love sick" by ultrajunk, via Flickr***Research for possible future project.


A sculpture of the Roman Colosseum, done in a real tooth.

Trapart - Artist and maker of exclusive wooden sculptures and satues by order

Mother Teresa statue by Leo Reynolds, via FlickrSt Louis Cemetery New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

A giant statue of ET trying to phone home in Sparta, Wisconsin

King Neptune statue, Virginia Beach's boardwalk

The Open Air Art Museum in Hakone features many sculptures + a Picasso museum and a footbath featuring hot water from a spring.

Karnak Temple Complex - Luxor