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Silverback Gorilla - wouldn't you just die? I mean your heart would explode coming face to face with one of these! OH MY GOSH!

Gorilla Silverback.he sure must have some serious thinking to do..that expression is priceless n soooo human like

Gorilla's are definitely my favorite animal! (Silverback Gorilla)

I have so long revered the Silverback Gorilla. I would have loved to have been Diane Fosse - minus the heartbreak of what happened to these beautiful beasts.

11 Gorilla 6225 Kwashi B | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

எப்ப போன மச்சான் இன்னும் வீடு திரும்பல. ஆரு கண்ணு பட்டுச்சோ ஆடியும் பொறந்துடுச்சி. அவக வருவாகன்னு விசனப்பட்டு இளைச்சதுதான் மிச்சம்.

Baby gorilla Monroe looks like he's up to no good! But how could anyone resist that adorable face?! (photo: The San Diego Zoo)

Well you know, I see it this way - you lost it and I found it, now it's mine.

Silverback gorilla "Buzandi", Zoo Hannover Germany.

Gorilla and Leaf | Flickr - Photo Sharing!