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Silverback Gorilla - wouldn't you just die? I mean your heart would explode coming face to face with one of these! OH MY GOSH!

Biggest Silverback Gorilla | Silverback Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gorilla Silverback.he sure must have some serious thinking to do..that expression is priceless n soooo human like

gorilla Beekse Bergen IMG_0360, via Flickr.

I have so long revered the Silverback Gorilla. I would have loved to have been Diane Fosse - minus the heartbreak of what happened to these beautiful beasts.

11 Gorilla 6225 Kwashi B | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

எப்ப போன மச்சான் இன்னும் வீடு திரும்பல. ஆரு கண்ணு பட்டுச்சோ ஆடியும் பொறந்துடுச்சி. அவக வருவாகன்னு விசனப்பட்டு இளைச்சதுதான் மிச்சம்.

funnywildlife: gorilla Beekse Bergen IMG_0389 by j.a.kok on Flickr.Big Daddy!!

Baby gorilla Monroe looks like he's up to no good! But how could anyone resist that adorable face?! (photo: The San Diego Zoo)

Lackadaisical #gorilla ~ Darrell Ybarrondo ✿⊱╮