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MOSKOS, Elias Christ Pantocrator 1653 Egg tempera on wood, 119 x 85 cm Ikonen-Museum, Recklinghausen

A giant poolside mosaic featuring intricate geometric patterns has been unearthed in southern Turkey, revealing the far-reaching influence of the Roman Empire at its peak. The mosaic, which once decorated the floor of a bath complex, abuts a.

Page with Eagle, Gospel Book of Durrow. Gospel of Mark. (Not the lion traditionally used.

basilica-san-vitale.jpg 550×309 pixels

IC 41 Peacock above orante (figure of a young woman with hands lifted in prayer), Cubicle of the Velata, Catacombs of Priscilla, Rome (second half of the third century)

The Year of Mercy and the Feast of Christ the King

Christ Pantocrator mosaic from Hagia Sophia 2744 x 2900 pixels MB - Christ Pantocrator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

IC 35 Mosaic of a Peacock from the Basilica of Justinian early Byzantine Sabratha

Book of Durrow, Dublin, Trinity College Library MS. "Dragon Carpet Page", Salin's animal style II. Compare to zoomorphic metalwork.

The mosaics in the Great Basilica of Heraclea Lyncestis, Macedonia

The mosaics in the Great Basilica of Heraclea Lyncestis, Macedonia. Though not in Greece, mosaics are not uncommon in Greek art. Mosaics are pictures that are made up of small pieces of stone, tile or glass.