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Helpful hint. After you've completed 90% of your set, use a soft gel pad (one that's not too sticky) or tape to gently pull back the TIPS of the extensions you've placed. Your second and third layers of natural lashes without extensions attached will fall out. (Adjust your wrist and watch your angle placement)- place your extensions on the remaining lashes. This will ensure you are being EXTRA thorough in your sets. 😘🎉 #borbybuzz

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25 Movies From The ’80s That Every Kid Should See

The Little Mermaid (1989) | 25 Movies From The ’80s That Every Kid Should See Somehow I didn't recall this movie belonging to the 80's. has more of the 90's Beauty & the Beast/Aladin feel but OK.

Vivian Sky Stack Gogo Lush $59.90 _ This set includes an infinity design chain bracelet with rhinestone accents, a silicone adjustable band watch with rhinestones throughout, and a rhinestone encrusted stretch bracelet.

70 Incredibly Motivating Workout Quotes That Are Guaranteed To Inspire

It's been 7 weeks and -12 lbs officially, 15 weeks and -20 unofficially (I made little changes not a full commitment).