"Monologue Man" | Photographer: Dorothy Shoes, 2006


Uncredited. °


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don't give up

thinking inside the box ~ a little introspection is a good thing. Just a little mind you. Don't stay in there too long! #INFJ

I just wanna cuddle...

Leather and nude


Man in curlers

We are all moving so fast and rarely take the time to stop and appreciate the world around us. Technology is a wonderful concept until it hinders us from enjoying our surroundings.

? ☚

a bit surreal

Focus #photography #xray #radiography

❤ this birthday girl! Ok, een week te vroeg maar deze is gewoon TE goed om voorbij te laten gaan!!!

Being a nanny, this is my favorite word in the whole world now :)

I revere Zach Galifianakis and his luscious facial hair plus bunny ears. - 'Man should be brave.' Be confident men.