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Field Day Partner Plays for grades 2-3! Field Day is such an exciting day for elementary students, but it's nice to have a related quiet-time activitiy to do on this special day that will also keep your kids engaged! Fluency- building reading activity!

Partner Plays: Martin Luther King

Partner Plays that are related to the life and contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. Students work to improve reading fluency while learning about this American hero!

Partner Plays: Go Green

Partner Plays: Go Green! -set of five scripts for 4th & 5th grade readers to improve fluency $

TANGERINE by Edward Bloor Literature Guide

Tangerine is a high-interest novel for middle grades girls and boys alike! This novel study is not your run-of-the-mill vocab and questions packet! Students will read each of the 3 parts of the book and have one page of activities to complete after each part.

How to Celebrate the End of the Year!

How to celebrate the end of the year with your students! End of the Year Activities / Freebies / Free Resources

End of Year Partner Plays

End of Year Partner Plays for 4th and 5th graders- 5 scripts to improve reading fluency! Great way to keep kids engaged during those last few weeks of school!