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Context Clues Partner Plays

Context Clues Partner Plays for 2nd and 3rd grade readers! Improve fluency while using context clues to define words!

Images in a Text RI3.7

This pack is packed full of ideas and resources to use while you are teaching the CCSS standard RI 3.7. If you are not teaching Common Core, then the pack is still valuable to use when teaching 3rd grade students to find key details from the text and the images given in a nonfiction text.

What's New?... and a GIVEAWAY

Context clues can be tough to teach but so important for our kids to learn! This bundle has two levels of original stories containing Tier 2 words for grades 2-5! It also teaches and emphasizes a color coding strategy for kids as a way to help them under

4th Grade Reading Homework 4th Grade Morning Work Reading Comprehension Passages

Fourth Grade reading homework or morning work that provides a daily review of ALL 4th grade reading standards. Rigorous reading passages and text dependent questions! This 4th Grade reading comprehension resource is fully EDITABLE and comes with answer keys and a pacing guide. Perfect for Close Reading! Comes with paired passages.

Context Clues Partner Plays

Context Clues Partner Plays! 4th and 5th grade fluency activity

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity - This has been a Morris Grove tradition for many years! Love doing it each spring with my kiddos. The book was written by students in Durham, NC.

Partner Poems For Building Fluency: 40 Engaging Poems

Research shows that partner reading is an effective tool in building reading fluency. The whimsical reproducible poems in this collection were written especially for two students to take turns reading

This packet introduces students to the complex but crucial craft of using context clues. We've included 15 multiple choice questions that allow students to practice using synonyms and antonyms as context clues, to figure out the meaning of challenging words.What about the other types of context clues, you ask?