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Top 30 Peter pan Quotes #vibes

Top 30 Best Peter Pan Quotes

:: thalia bree ::   This is Charlotte Thomas. She is 18 and looking for a boyfriend. Charlotte loves makeup and anything that has to do with the outdoors. She doesn't have a huge youtube channel, but it's getting there. Charlotte, along with her brother, wants to become part of the fashion industry. She wants to focus more on designing clothes, but she may try modeling-like her brother -from time to time. As you can tell she has an older brother, Dylan. Charlotte is very bubbly, outgoing…

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Λnnie Mei Project

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Some Dorian-Celaena artwork from Linneart: "people keep suggesting me to draw dorian so here you go! I can see him in my head like perfectly but I can’t seem to get him down so here’s a first try :) here is Celaena with her little puppy he let her have! ;P He’s such a charmer."

Dorian-Celaena artwork from Linneart: Dorian gave Celaena her little puppy Fleetfoot. Throne of Glass

Solasmancer — needapotion:   Melitta Lavellan and Solas for the...

needapotion: “ Melitta Lavellan and Solas for the sweet heathergreyfeather ♥ I love the atmosphere and the colors of this romantic scene on the balcony.